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What is:

In his 2009 review in The Washington Post, food critic Tom Sietsema referred to our sushi counter as the "Omakase counter." In order to avoid any confusion by customers trying to make reservations, we coined the phrase. Additionally, the term demonstrates how different the Sushi Taro experience is from other sushi counters one may dine at.

Our Omakase counter is an interactive tasting course; Sitting at the Omakase counter is an educational and fun experience that does not exist at any other restaurant in the mid-Atlantic region. The Omakase counter meal comes with 4 - 6 small dishes, followed by seasonal sashimi, and sushi. Other than these small dishes, the pace of the meal as well as what you like and want is completely up to you. After the Chef presents the selection of daily fresh fish, you choose what you would like to eat.

And the real origin of "Omakase" comes from terms that we use for Regulars who do not order from the menu, but ask chefs "give me something".  Then prepare something out of the menu.  This is the true "Omakase".  Which means that the "Omakase" style who can present the menu is not real Omakase, but it is a tasting course.


REGULAR OMAKASE $275 per person (+ tax & gratuity)

PREMIUM OMAKASE $350 per person (SATURDAY, HOLIDAY & upon request), (+ tax & gratuity)


SAKE drink pairing { REGULAR } $ 150 per person (+ tax & gratuity)
SAKE drink pairing  { PREMIUM } $ 200 per person (+ tax & gratuity)


It is best to enter the Omakase counter experience with an open and adventurous mind - your taste buds will be challenged. Also, due to our style of cuisine, there will be minor restrictions that we cannot accommodate, including vegan, non-seafood eater, and gluten intolerance who cannot have regular soy sauce in cooking. We will try our best to entertain all other people with all other dietary restrictions.   If you are not adventurous or thinking of bringing non-adventurous friends, please think twice, before you may experience an awkward moment at the counter.



All cancellations made less than 7 days before your reservation will be subject to charge of $100 per seat for REGULAR OMAKASE  and $150 per seat for PREMIUM OMAKASE. No-show and cancellations less than 24 hours are subject to full charge per seat ($275 per seat for Tuesday - Friday, $ 350 per seat for Saturday).


Available dates for Omakase counter is releasing one month in advance ( example 05/05/2023-06/05/2023).

We are taking reservation request counting from 12:00AM.  We get 5 emails all in 12:00AM stamped, we will handle by in the order in mailbox to be fair to all.

The Omakase counter is closed:

  • Sunday & Mondays
  • during "DC Restaurant Week" in January and August
  • from Christmas to around January 8th
  • Holidays

Dinner operations start at 7:00 PM, and we do not turnover seats, so there are no other parties before and after yours. We take a maximum of two parties at a night within our six-seats capacity.   We are accepting solo diners starting January 2024.

Please send your reservation request to including information such as name, date & time, party size at least.    Please do not expect us to reply over weekends and holidays.