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To all Sushi Taro Fans

We are very sorry to announce this, but Sushi Taro will be closed as of Sunday May 3rd, until further notice.

Sushi Taro team would like to thank all customers for all the love and support !

Love you back,

Sushi Taro

Gift Certificate:

If you would like to get refund on your Gift Certificates,  please wait till we re-open.

We have suspended credit card system since we are closed.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy.


Japanese cuisine is known as "Cuisine of Water" because water is the most important ingredient of Japanese cuisine.   Water in Japan is very soft in compared to that of North America.   Since "Nansui" (soft water) helps ingredients stay true to their flavor while extracting maximum umami, our restaurant / kitchen has installed Japan's finest "Culinary Water" purification system of Mitsubishi CLEANSUI in order to take advantage of it.   The system produces clean and soft water best-tunes for "Washiku" cocking.

Now our cooking & drinking water is all covered by Mitsubishi CLEANSUI's "Culinary Water".