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As of November 3rd 2022, here is a $50 corkage fee per bottle.

Cancellation Charge and No Show Charge

 Cancellations within one hour of your table reservation time will incur a $20 fee per person.

This cancellation fee does NOT apply to Omakase Counter Reservation. 

(please visit omakase counter page for cancellation information)

Thank you

Online Order

Order is available only online from Toast (from computer)

or download Toast app for smart phone.

*Limited Quantity Available So please order early as possible.


DC gov. proceeding their progressive street plan and took out a half of street parking.  On top of that, nearby public parking lots have closed for evening business.  So, driving into Dupont circle area is absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED.


Purchasing Gift Certificate ( IN-PERSON REDEMPTION ONLY) is available through email communication.

Sorry that we cannot do this simple online system, since we have to print our own certificates.

Please send a request with information of 

1)  Your information  NAME / PHONE NUMBER

2)  Amount 

3)  If you like us to mail it to you  or  recipients,


We will call you to get credit card information for payment.

Skip The Line

All online orders are for pick-up. If you are interested in delivery, contact local company "Skip The Line" before placing your order to schedule a pick-up on your behalf.      Learn more


Japanese cuisine is known as "Cuisine of Water" because water is the most important ingredient of Japanese cuisine.   Water in Japan is very soft in compared to that of North America.   Since "Nansui" (soft water) helps ingredients stay true to their flavor while extracting maximum umami, our restaurant / kitchen has installed Japan's finest "Culinary Water" purification system of Mitsubishi CLEANSUI in order to take advantage of it.   The system produces clean and soft water best-tunes for "Washiku" cocking.

Now our cooking & drinking water is all covered by Mitsubishi CLEANSUI's "Culinary Water".